Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Last day at the archives

Today was my last day at the WLA. I spent the day processing my last two collections. These were both artist's collections belonging to Maureen Warren and Fern Shaffer. However, Ms. Shaffer is actually donating more materials tomorrow so that will be added to what I've already processed.

 Ms. Warren's collection was very interesting because the focus of her work is to juxtapose Eastern and Western art styles. She compares the stillness and flatness of Eastern art with the movement and realism in Western art. I found her painting of geisha's particularly beautiful.



After I finished processing these collections, I did the standard "end steps" of labeling the boxes and folders, creating a title page for this collection to put inside the finding aid, and any other extra steps for safe preservation and storage.

Its really nice to see the boxes of materials you've processed lined up neatly with their labels. Its also fun to go into the basement and find a place to store these new collections among the many others that the WLA has.

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